Is Ketones Low Blood Sugar Bad?

Is ketones low blood sugar bad

People that are on a weight loss diet that is high in fat, protein and carbohydrates are at a high risk for hypoglycemia, and if you are wondering is ketones low blood sugar bad, the answer is a big no. Ketones, or ketone bodies as they are also known, are produced when the body breaks down fat stores, when carbohydrate stores are used up, and during times of starvation when no carbs are present in the diet. Ketones are created from fats that would otherwise be used for energy and converted into glucose.

The only time ketones are harmful to the human body is during long-term starvation. People have been known to die of dehydration, or of hunger-related illnesses, because they did not replenish their body's glucose resources fast enough. Ketones are not harmful to your body in small amounts, but to your brain especially if you are going through a long term diet that is difficult to follow. If you get too low levels of ketones, your brain starts to rely on glucose for brain power, and eventually you will go blind. You may also start suffering brain memory loss and concentration problems.

Is ketones bad? No, they are not. Long term use of a high fat diet, or fasting with very low carbohydrate diets will cause a drop in blood sugar, but ketones are actually beneficial to the human body in some ways. They provide your brain with energy by converting stored fat into glucose, so you will feel good and not get hungry as often. They can help prevent your metabolism from slowing down, which could be a sign of diabetes. Ketones can be used as an alternative to sugar, and if used properly can be very healthy.