Can Ketones Make You Drown in Water?

Are Your ketones blood levels to high

If you have been considering a diet that will help you lose weight and melt away the fat, you may be wondering if your ketones are high enough to help you meet your goals. First, let's look at why your ketones may be so high. You see, ketones (a compound of three amino acids) occur when your liver breaks down carbohydrates or proteins and turns them into fat. Most people can run into problems when their ketones are so high because their bodies are trying to use fat as a form of energy, and if your body is using fat for energy more than it needs to, it will cause your body to go into a state of starvation.

In order to overcome this starvation state, your body will produce ketones in an attempt to get the energy it needs. So, what causes your ketones blood levels to be so high? Typically, your ketones are produced by your liver breaking down stored fat. But, depending on your genetic make up, it may also be the case that your liver cannot handle the amount of ketones being produced and it has to shut down. This often times leads to severe dehydration, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, and even coma! This is why it is so important to know your body well and monitor your ketones closely during any diet change, especially if you are going off of prescription medication.

The good news is that with a careful series of blood tests, you can usually quickly and easily see how ketones are impacting your body. By keeping track of your ketones levels, you can often prevent or minimize the effects of ketones on your body. And, since the levels can quickly rise back to normal, you will once again be able to maintain your ideal weight. Remember, your health is important so take care of yourself!